Jul 15

Why car hire is so expensive when you have kids

This might sound crazy but it’s true. Car hire actually costs more when you have children. You may end up paying £500 in extras when you travel with your kids. What is the reason for this? Let’s find out together.
Hiring a car shouldn’t be that expensive but unfortunately many car rental companies adapted the Ryanair-style pricing. What does this mean? Well, the add-on fees can actually double the price of a 2-week rental. When you check the prices a Ford Focus or similar rental car for 2 weeks in Spain would cost £ 562 with Hertz in France it would be £631 with Avis. You can also check Europcar’s site and you can find out that they would charge you £600 in Malaga. Sometimes local firms are quite cheaper.

But a family of your with 2 kids could be charged more than £400 in extras for a 2-week car rental in the sunny Spain. If they want sat nav or even extras that could be as high as £500.
It’s important to know that quotes that are given only covers the absolute minimum. If you want an extra driver that would be £11/day with a maximum fee of £97 (Hertz). Are you traveling with you baby or toddler then you should pay for child seat or for booster seat which can be pretty expensive, £9/day (£60 for the fortnight) with Avis.

You might also think that the standard collision damage waiver will cover you then you’re wrong because you need to read the small print and check the excess. It can be as high as £2000. It’s a lot of money.
What do you need to do? You have to buy super collision damage waiver insurance (SCDW) toun cover your excesses, windscreen or tyre damage.The price is the following: for a fortnight it would cost £205 with Europcar, £207 with Avis and last but not least £131 with Hertz. It can also happen that you won’t know the total cost until you pick up your rental car.

The problem is that many holiday makes arrive at the destination tired and exhausted and they end up with a take it or leave it situation. Because car hire companies want to sell you excess reduction insurance and they always use their scare tactics. They want you to feel brow-beaten and insecure in a foreign country so you would surely buy their insurance. This is really bad and unprofessional too.
When car hire is cheap you can be 100% sure that you have to pay high excess and they’ll get you with a huge insurance premium. It can also happen that they want to charge you for damage that you didn’t cause.
It is almost impossible to make an informed choice because even the biggest car hire companies want more money from their customers. What does it cost to get a SCDW insurance from Hertz? Well, it’s a good question because they won’t tell you until you arrive. It’s the same with Avis. When you book the car they can add SCDW and extra driver to your booking but they won’t tell you the exact cost. Europcar is a bit different though. When you book the car you can actually list additional extras on their website. You might also wonder why some costs cannot  be paid in advance. It’s because they source them locally
So how to avoid rip-off when you hire a car – tips

Child booster seat: if you can take it then you should do it otherwise it would be pretty expensive. You can even buy inflatable ones.

Fuel: try to stick to the following rule –  pickup full and return full. Otherwise it can be very expensive because they can charge you  a absolutely crazy price for th fuel.

Satnav: if you have one take your own because you can save money with it. Have you ever used paper maps? They’ll definitely d o too and they even fit in your pocket.

Insurance:  buy car hire excess insurance before your trip and you’ll be fine. This type of insurance also covers tyres, windscreens. You can buy daily or even annual policy. Prices start from £1.85/day in the Eu and £2.20/day worldwide.

Currency: This one is a tricky topic too because some car hire companies want to convert your bill to pounds. Don’t accept is because you’ll end up with a lousy exchange rate. Try to pay in local currency

Checking the car: Checking your car is crucial before you leave the parking lot. You can save actually money with it. Small marks, dents or scratches can cost you a lot. Always insist they marked on the rental agreement. Take pictures too. If you’re not entirely happy with the rental car then you shouldn’t take it. This is the same when you drop off the car. Take photos so you can actually prove it that there was no damage. The car rental company should check it in front of you

Hopefully these tips will help you to save money on car hire and have a peace of mind when you’re on holiday.

May 13

Car Hire Fuel Policy

When you hire a car it’s always important to check the fuel policy because it can save you some money. Car hire fuel policy differs  from company to company so never forget about it.

Here is a great video on this topic, watch it before you rent a car:

Apr 29

Hertz Partners With Chic Outlet Shopping Villages

Do you want to shop and pick up your rental car at the same time? Well, Hertz has some good news for you. There are 9 Chic Outlet Shopping Villages in Europe – in  London, Dublin,Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Bologna, Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne and Frankfurt where you can shop until you drop then you can drive away by your rental car.

They will also offer customers exclusive VIP offers and joint promotions  including 10% off the lowest available rates for worldwide car hire.

Michel Taride, Group President, RAC International, Hertz Corporation, said:

 We are delighted to announce our partnership with Chic Outlet Shopping® to deliver Hertz’s global car rental services to international visitors to Europe. Customers can make their next visit to a Chic Outlet Shopping Village even more enjoyable by hiring a car from Hertz. With the growing trend in ‘shopping tourism’, the partnership provides Hertz with an excellent opportunity to reach new and existing consumers with compelling car rental and shopping offers.

Source: The Auto Channel

Apr 15

Holiday car rental tips

Summer is approaching and if you travel abroad you need to think about car hire too. Everybody wants stressfree trip without spendig extra money. Here are a couple of holiday car rental tips that can save you some serious money:

  • All car rental companies want to sell you excess insurance at the car rental desk but keep in mind that these policies are far more expensive than buying them online prior to your trip. CDW (alias Collision Damage Waiver) can be easily bought online and it will save you some money.
  • Never forget your credit card at home (it needs to be in the lead driver’s name). Why? Because your car hire can be refused  and you won’t be able to pick it up. Most car hire companies won’t except debit cards although you can book your rental car online with it but you can’t pick it up. Always make sure that you take all the required documentation with you.
  • Fuel policy can be really expensive if you don’t keep an eye on it. When you rent a car many times a year then you should always check the car hire company’s policy.
  • Check the car throughly before you leave the parking lot. Take your time, don’t let the agent rush you. Check the rental car’s interior, exterior, basically everything from chip marks to damage to paintwork. Make also sure that they note down everything before you take the car.
  • Sat Navs and child seats: especially in the summer months they have very limited availability. So always check them with the car hire company prior to your trip. They can only be paid locally and sometimes can be really expensive. It could be a good idea to take ie. your own Sat Nav with you.

Keep these holiday car rental tips in mind and you will save money and you can have a 100% stress free holiday.




Apr 02

Car Rental Tips After An Accident Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Unfortunately sometimes it does happen an accident when you rent a car. It’s a scary experience but you’re still entitled many things that you don’t know about. I’d like to share an eye-opening what should you do after an accident with your rental car.

Mar 19

Save money on car hire premiums and excess charges

Car Rental

Car hire excess policy can save you serious money when you rent a car abroad. It’s cheaper to take out this policy than buy the car hire company’s more expensive one at the car rental desk.  Most of the people feel the pressure when they arrive at the airport. They just want to drive away by their rental car to their hotel and they don’t have time to understand the quality of the insurance. Sometimes they feel pressured to just sign it and and take the car.

When you rent a car, you do need insurance as if it was your own. When you sign your car rental agreement it will cover CDW (collision damage waiver), theft and third party liability. If anything happens to your rental car during the rental period then you have to pay a portion of the costs, this is the excess. The excess insurance is usually very expensive (£9.99 a day), you may have to pay as much as £2,000 towards the damages while you can buy car hire excess insurance online in advance and it would only cost you £1.99 a day in Europe, £5.99 a day in the Americas and the Caribbean (excluding Cuba) and £2.99 a day in the rest of the world excluding the Americas and the Caribbean. (prices of course may vary)

Most Important Benefits of Excess Insurance For Car Hire:

  • It covers the excess a hirer would have to pay.
  • It also covers for damage to tyres, windscreens and the undercarriage
  • It’s available in the UK or abroad.
  • Up to £4,000 cover for excess on theft and damage claims.
  • It also provides baggage cover, car rental key cover and personal accident too.
  • Additional drivers are also covered without any extra cost.
  • Collision Damage Waiver product for Worldwide including the Americas and the Caribbean (excluding Cuba), not only covers the hirer’s excess, but also insures them for up to $100,000 for damage to the rental car and $1,000,000 for Third Party Liability.


Mar 04

MIA Rental Car Center – RCC

Miami International Airport

Miami International Aiport passengers can use a state-of-the-art Rental Car Center when they are on holiday or on business in the city. This extremely modern car hire center is in the middle of Miami-Dade County and opened on July 13, 2010. It’s basically a one-stop shop for passengers who want to hire a car because it collects 16 rental car companies.

You don’t have to wait for the slow shuttle bus service but you can use the MIA Mover which is an elevated 1.25-mile automated people mover system that can carry 3000 passengers per hour between MIA and RCC. It’s an absolutely environmental friendly transport system which helped to reduce gas emissions at the MIA by 30%.

The RCC is very unique in the world because it serves 17. 000 customers every day and they’re able to wash and re-fuel 300 rental cars per hour. It has a state-of-the-art multi-level fueling system and very modern Quick Turnaround Area where you can find 120 gas pump stations and 42 car wash bays on 3 vehicle storage levels.

Feb 18

Insurance4carhire.com Price Change

Insurance4carhire.com has changed its policy prices, below you can find the company’s updated price list for 2014:

  • Daily Policies – £3.99 (previously £5.25)
  • Annual European – £39.99 (previously £49.99)
  • Annual Worldwide – £49.99 (£65.99)
  • Annual Worldwide 60 – £75.99 (£79.99)

 The Family & Partners and USA policies are unchanged.

Feb 04

Top 5 things to do in Dubai

Tired of the cold weather, the snow and you want to enjoy sun and sea at this time of the year? Then head to Dubai. There are many attractions to see and many things to do. You won’t be bored that’s for sure.

Let’s check out the top 5 things to do in Dubai:

  1. Desert safari
    Do you want to see red and gold sand dunes? Do you want to try sand surfing? If your answer is yes then enjoy an unforgettable desert safari in Dubai. You don’t have to worry because expert drivers will take you to the desert. You can contact the following operators: Desert Safari Dubai and Desert Rangers.
  2. Jumeirah Mosque
    Don’t miss the Jumeirah Mosque because this might be your only chance to see a mosque in Dubai. Non-Muslims usually are not allowed into the Islamic house of worship. When you visit the city during Ramadan you’ll notice the iftar tents everywhere, it’s a truly amazing time to visit Dubai plus you’ll have the chance to sample a traditional Emirati feast.
  3. Authentic food
    Once you’re in Dubai you have to try authentic flavours. There’re so many options it’s really hard to choose. You can try Pakistani curries or Nihari beef and lamb stews from about £3. If you are into Indian food you can order that too – it’s pretty cheap, south Indian thali costs only £2 in Karama Park. If  you like fish then visit Al Bayt Al Baghdadi on Al Muteena Street because they cook salt-crusted Iraqi cod. Have you ever tried Lebanese and Egyptian meze? If haven’t visit the Mankhool Road.
  4. Travelling with kids
    Children play an important part in Emirati culture. Your kids won’t be bored that’s for sure. You can check out the following attractions when you travel with your family:
    – Dubai Mall: it’s the world’s largest entertainment centre
    – KidZania: it’s a mini city for kids where they can play at anything from being a doctor to driving a bus
    –  Sega Republic: indoor amusement park, be prepared because it’s huge –  7,000sqm
    –  Dubai Aquarium: it has 33,000 different species and a shark tunnel.
  5. Dubai’s Old Town
    Although everything is modern in Dubai you can still find the past. Dubai’s spiritual heart is Bastakiya. It has many art galleries ie. Basta Art Cafe in Al Fahidi Street. The shaded streets have a charm and you can feel how the city looked like before the “big change”.  If you’re interested in Dubai’s history then visit Dubai Museum.
I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in this amazing city. Don’ forget about car hire excess insurance when you rent a car in Dubai.

Jan 21

Hiring a car on a skiing holiday

winter driving in motion

You can always consider to hire a car when you’re on a skiing holiday. You have to check the small print in this case too and be aware of the extras that might be very expensive.

What are the advantages of hiring a car when you’re on a skiing holiday:
It’s much easier to get from one place to the another ie. you can easily drive from your hotel or from the chalet you’re staying in. You may travel with a smaller group with lots of luggage. It will also give you peace of mind to drive when you want where you want to.

But what are the costs that you have to be aware of:

  •  cost of winter tyres
  • snow chains can be pretty expensive too, sometimes they can add £60 extra a week
  • roof racks for skis and snowboards
  • excess car insurance

The prices of these extras may vary from country to country. When you hire a roof rack in Barcelona through Avis it will cost you £62 but in Grenoble the same service would cost you £24 (Budget).

One of the most expensive extras is excess car hire insurance. You’ll find very expensive in Turin through Hertz because it’ll cost you £147.84  and Europcar as well because they would charge you £147.63 for a week.

In Germany and in Austria winter tyres are mandatory  so be aware of it and it’s advisable to call the car hire company in advance to check with them. It is also the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the hire car meets local conditions.It is important to know that it’s against the law to cause any damage to a road surface with snow chains.

Don’t always go for the cheapest option when it comes to car rental because extras can add up and make your “cheap” car hire even more expensive. 3 in 10 travelers don’t pay for the excess waiver insurance however it’s a risky choice especially in winter time when road conditions are not the best.

Source:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travel-advice/9795661/Car-hire-on-a-skiing-holiday.html



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